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Teamleader External Costs API

This document assumes you have your API key and know how to perform a POST request (see Getting started)

This part of the api allows you to add new external cost entries to Teamleader.

Adding external costs

Adding a new external cost

API endpoint:

Required POST parameters

  • name: string: name describing this cost

Extra POST parameters for cost lines (required)

  • description_1: string
  • price_1: decimal
  • amount_1: decimal
  • vat_1: 00/ 06 / 12 / 21 / CM / EX / MC / VCMD: the vat tariff for this line
  • product_id_1: id of the product (optional)
  • subtitle_1: string (optional)

  • description_2: string
  • price_2: decimal
  • ...

Optional POST parameters

  • project_id: id: id of the related project
  • milestone_id: id: id of the related milestone
  • creator_id: id: id of the user that added this cost
  • custom_field_ID: replace ID by the ID of your custom field. (eg custom_field_310)

Sample output

Example output: 41664 (id of the external cost that was added)